Details, Details, Details in "Butterfly and Bee"

“Butterfly and Bee has a comforting feel and good vocabulary introduction, which are important with very young readers.” – Steph Kelsey, MLIS, school librarian

When I say we consider every single detail of every single Popinjay Press book, I mean every single detail. Our books are imaginative, colorful and fun, but they’re also chock full of thoughtful insights for maximum impact. From overarching themes like love and acceptance to blink-and-you’ll-miss-it features, the little details are a big part of what makes Popinjay books so special! Elevate your reading experience with the kids in your life by discussing what you notice in Butterfly and Bee, including the following:

Social consciousness 

  • Butterfly and Bee are different colors and sizes. How else are they different? How are they similar? 

  • They have lots of fun doing inexpensive activities. What are some things you like to do that don't cost any money?

  • The two live in a tree with other insects. How do you suppose they all get along? What makes a neighbor a good neighbor?


Healthy mind, body and spirit

  • Butterfly and Bee spend most of their time outside. How does nature make you feel? Do you like feeling the warm sun on your shoulders? Or hearing birds chirp in the trees? Or smelling fresh rainfall?

  • They like to play games like hide-and-seek and pollen ball. What do you like to do to get your body moving? 

  • Butterfly and Bee know it’s important to rest in a peaceful place. Sometimes, if Bee wants to, they snuggle. Do you like to snuggle sometimes? What makes a snuggle okay and not okay?    

  • The two love to read! Books, comic books, magazines, cereal boxes – they read it all. What do you like to read? 

  • They try to balance healthy food (like apples) with fun stuff (like pancakes)! What do you eat to grow healthy and strong? What do you eat for a treat?  

 Words and pictures 

  • The message “LOVE” is hidden on the pancake spread.

  • Alliteration creates rhythm throughout: forest full of flowers; big, beautiful butterfly; health, happiness and harmony.

  • The black font on a white background increases readability – ideal for bedtime when lights are low. 

  • Six primary and secondary colors are called out in order as an early introduction to color theory.

  • Illustrations featuring multiple colors, textures and patterns with bold, black outlines appeal to children as young as three months old. 

 Butterfly and Bee has details galore for a fun and fulfilling reading experience every time. Customize your own Butterfly and Bee book and others today!