Popinjay Press Blog

  • Q&A with the Artist: Kristin Erdman

    Kristin Erdman is the talented illustrator of My Pet Alien and This Book Is Terrible. If you want to see a brilliant brain, tender heart and zany personality at work, check out the bright and colorful illustrations she created for Popinjay Press!
  • Details, Details, Details in "Butterfly and Bee"

    Our books are imaginative, colorful and fun, but they’re also full of thoughtful details to elevate the reading experience. How many of these hidden gems have you found?
  • Q&A with the Artist: Christa Stephens

    Have you ever been so excited about something that you just wanted to shout? THAT’S HOW WE FEEL ABOUT PARTNERING WITH CHRISTA STEPHENS! Find out how this fine artist approaches her work, overcomes creative blocks and uses her art to process emotions. 
  • Diverse Art, Copyright Law & Robots

    Learn about the AMAZING artists we feature in Time for Sleep Mode, Little Robot, including a Black abolitionist and a woman with autism.
  • An Imperfect Ally

    My vision for Popinjay is to offer diverse, inclusive books that can be customized for families of all sizes, shapes & colors. But I don’t have the life experience to speak to all those variables. Read more about my work as an imperfect ally.

  • Why Do We Need LGBTQ Books for Kids?

    LGBTQ books that aren’t about LGBTQ issues: Learn why this distinction is important when it comes to choosing diverse and inclusive books for your kids.

  • How to Nurture a Child's Mental Health

    Find out how books can improve self-esteem and empathy in kids, resulting in far-reaching and long-lasting mental health benefits.
  • The Best Blended-Family Books for Children

    There's a gap when it comes to good kids’ books with stepparents. See what we're doing to change that.
  • New Publisher Offers Custom DEI Kids' Books

    Read the press release that pushed Popinjay Press out of the nest!