Family of four in a living room with character genders, skin tones and relationships shifting to demonstrate customization.



Creating your custom children's book is easy!

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1. Choose your unique family dynamic.

With Popinjay Press, you choose what the characters look like and how they’re related.

Our options include single parents, same-sex couples, grandparents, foster parents, interracial families, blended families, nonbinary characters and more.

Our custom children’s books make it possible for the tiny humans in your life to experience — maybe for the first time ever — fun, colorful, imaginative stories about other kids just like them!

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2. Get creative with your characters.

Some of our stories feature one child; some feature multiple children. The same is true for grownup characters.

Get creative with how you build your custom children's book to represent your family!

For example: If you're a single mom and the story calls for two adults, make the other an uncle or grandma!

You're the expert on your family!

Rich-toned woman reading to rich-toned girl

3. Enjoy your custom children's book.

Diverse, inclusive and full of love, Popinjay Press books are designed to represent your family, not replicate it exactly.

We hope this will help your little one feel a little more sure of their place in the world.

That's why our custom children's books focus on the story, not the unique family dynamic. After all, why call attention to something that’s perfectly normal?


Popinjays and parrots are birds of a feather. Popinjay, from the Middle French word papegai, is the original name for a parrot in English. The French word, in turn, came from the Arabic word for the bird, babghā’. In the days of Middle English, parrots were rare and exotic, and it was quite a compliment to be called a popinjay after such a beautiful bird. (Source: Merriam-Webster)

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